In the morning I hail the bus of time
Because in the wistful mist of dawn
It seems most likely to come true;
I stand alone on the sidewalk
To dream about the time that I had never known
Yet miss
Then I ask myself,
“How can you miss something you’ve never known?”
Except that I do.

The age of soul, jazz, and dance
Where in the background of all this
Buzzed the dream of Martin Luther King.

I wonder had the people known
That decades from now, Peggy Lee sang from a storefront just yesterday
Like she did many years ago
Though now it is just a recording
A momentum
That speaks sparingly about the times of gentlemanly nature
From one forgotten musician,
Who declared himself a beggar upon your courtship, to
When men took the everyday matters into ridiculous proportions,
“We do this or we die!”
Of self important prompt
Charming and stupid;

How much more grappling
The nature of old photographs,
Audrey Hepburn put back to life in color
Sucking on a cigarette and opening a stove,
If only just posing,
I miss all of it
Since the sun rose again
And again from those days;
Nobody warns us
When the bus of time, came and left.