“What you’re saying only exists in a perfect world. You know it doesn’t work that way.”
Refusing to pout, she only stared blankly in reply, “I know that.”
“So why do you buy into the belief? Why beguile yourself that way?”
With a sigh she confesses, “it’s not about the likelihood of coming true. I’ve read lots of book on people and it is probably a losing faith to invest into,”
Squaring her shoulders, she went on, “but I’d like to believe in the concept of unconditional love among people.”
A pause. “I’d just like to.”
He looked onward, stunned, not by her words, as he had heard them before
Yet stunned all the same by the imperceptible strength of will he saw
She possessed in love, ¬†because the fact was, she hadn’t given up on him.